Science Fair Schedule

Day 1 - Block 1 (Tom Schlick On Main Stage)

10:10am James Brooks Cachet
10:25am Graham Campbell StyleCI
10:40am Guvener Gokce Social Media Aggregator With Laravel

Day 1 - Block 2 (Maxime Locqueville On Main Stage)

1:45pm Jacob Bennett Sleuth - Investigate Your Dependencies
2:00pm Roshan Gautam Building An FLSA Compatible Time Tracker
2:15pm OPEN Contact Taylor To Fill This Spot

Day 1 - Block 3 (Evan You On Main Stage)

2:40pm JMac Make Your Own Shift
2:55pm Mark Townsend Gaming With Laravel
3:10pm Jorge González The Poker Shrink - Anxiety & Depression

Day 1 - Block 4 (Nils Adermann On Main Stage)

3:35pm Anand Capur Using Notifications To Send Gift Cards
3:50pm Philippe Perusse Advanced MySQL Engine For Scout
4:05pm Freek Van der Herten Practical Introduction To Snapshot Testing

Day 2 - Block 1 (Sean Larkin On Main Stage)

10:10am Jakob Steinn Encryption, Curiousness, and Morale
10:25am Daniel Lett Digital Tilda - Centralized Access Control Solution
10:40am Maurice Calhoun Datasets Everywhere

Day 2 - Block 2 (Mathias & Michele Hansen On Main Stage)

11:00am Jeff Kilroy Laravel Homeboy
11:15am Amanda Folson Event Sourcing In Laravel
11:30am Luke Policinski Shipping With CodePier

Day 2 - Block 3 (Laura Elizabeth On Main Stage)

1:45pm Darlington Wleh Mentoring Your Way To Success
2:00pm Chris Blackwell Podcasts With Laravel
2:15pm Mark Kelleher Econ Education: Choose Your Own Adventure

Day 2 - Block 4 (Justin Jackson On Main Stage)

2:40pm Aaron Foss 1 Billion Calls Later - Stopping Robocalls With Machine Learning & Laravel
2:55pm Chris Thompson Laraman: Managing Data, Not Business Logic
3:10pm Matthew Machuga Better Than Type-Hints: Optionals / Maybes